We know how much Canadians love their homes and how important it is for us to take care of the exteriors as well. To drastically increase the curb appeal and allow your exteriors to truly shine staining your deck and fence is a must. If you spend time outdoors, it’s truly a great investment that you won’t regret every time you step outside.

One of the top concerns for clients when it comes to deck and fence stain is that they consistently wonder if they should even be staining it in the first place. The truth of the matter is that unless the wood is really rotted out and beyond repair, you can stain it. There might be some sanding, repair work and new panels involved in the prep process, but there is certainly no reason why your deck cannot be made beautiful again by professional house painters with stain!

Our experienced painters are pros at painting decks, fences and outdoor surfaces. They’ll be there to walk you through the process, every step of the way. First, we’ll help you decide on the finish and color of stain or paint. Then we’ll prep the surface of your deck by cleaning off all debris and making sure all the boards are still in good shape—you don’t want to paint or stain any wood that might be damaged or rotting.

Once the deck is ready, we’ll start painting! We’ll take great care to ensure you get a smooth finish, whether we’re working with paint or stain. Once the painting is done, we’ll look for any spots that need touching up, and monitor it to make sure it dries without bubbling or cracking. When it’s all done, we’ll go over the work with you, to make sure you’re happy with the work. We’re not done until you say we’re done—we’ll take care of any touchups before we leave, leaving you with the perfect spot to enjoy those sunny days.

Our Deck & Fence Staining Process:

What goes in to deck painting and staining? While it may seem like there’s a straightforward step, there can often be more to the process than one might imagine. Moreover, tackling deck painting and staining in the right order is critical.

  • It all starts with preparation. Sweep the deck of any debris that may have built up (this includes leaves, dirt and dust).
  • Use a cleaner to finalize the cleaning process. Scrape any grime away with a bristle brush to ensure you’re starting the painting process with a clean slate. Be careful during this step, as many industrial cleaners are toxic when they come into contact with the face and eyes. Finish the preparation off by rinsing the deck with water.
  • Be sure to sand any inconsistencies in the deck. You’ll want to take care of this before painting, as you won’t be able to fix them once they’re painted over.
  • When staining, be sure to stain any cracks or areas that may be vulnerable to the elements. You may also want to fill them with epoxy if they’re large enough, and stain or paint over.
  • Paint the deck in coats, being sure to avoid any surrounding plants. It may seem like a moot point, but always paint areas you can walk around as they dry.


Here’s how the process works:

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Aura Home Painters we only hire professional, skilled painters for all of the work that we do. This helps us maintain a high level of quality in our work delivered to our customers.


All our painters are certified under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Our painters are also covered under our $2 million liability insurance coverage.


There are many eco-friendly paint options that are available. We will go through all the options available to you and which ones would work best for your project.


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