The garage is often seen as a pretty practical space without a need to pay much attention to the decor. But there’s no reason why your garage can’t look polished and put together! Whether you want a color update on the walls, a fresh new look on the floors, or want to give the outside of your garage an update, the possibilities are endless!



You might not necessarily think of your garage like a room in your home, but it certainly is! It’s a space that’s extra unique because it’s not only part of your home’s interior but it’s also visible from the outside. Having properly painted walls and floors can elevate the look of your space and actually help you keep your garage clean and organized. Of course, having a freshly painted garage door and exterior can also increase your home’s curb appeal.



Garage floors are typically plain concrete, which might seem fine at first. But over the years, they can start to look pretty beat up and dirty, especially if you park your car inside. (Those oil stains are no joke!) If your floor is looking a little rough, you might want to consider painting it.

A fresh coat of paint can instantly make your garage look clean and new. Painted garage floors can also provide added protection from mold, mildew, and auto fluids. They’re also water-resistant, generally easier to clean, and quite durable for day to day use.



Since most people tend to treat the garage as simply a storage space, garage doors tend to be pretty plain. But your garage door has the potential to be a truly eye-catching part of your home’s exterior. When you experiment with a little color on your garage door, it can instantly give your home a fresh new look.

Painting a garage door can be a bit tricky to do on your own. Many garage doors have ornate details around the small windows and often have detailed areas as opposed to perfectly flat surfaces. It requires careful work and expertise to get a perfectly smooth and even finish, so it’s a good idea to hire professional painters to do the job for you.


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There are many eco-friendly paint options that are available. We will go through all the options available to you and which ones would work best for your project.


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